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February 24, 2012

Wall Street Journal

                 Open Letter to the WSJ
                 re:  Political Dirty Tricks

What do unrestrained capitalists and the so-called "Sofitel maid" have in common?  
                 a criminal mindset

My first "take" on the Dominique Strauss Kahn scandal was "can you say Sarkozy"?  
Highly-orchestrated political dirty tricks.  What's the oldest political dirty trick in the book?  
Send the guy a prostitute and get a picture of them in bed together.  This has been updated to send 
the guy a prostitute, get her to holler "rape" and get the guy  indicted.  
Who stood to benefit in the instant case?  The "Sofitel maid" and Sarkosy.  
This is unrestrained, highly orchestrated ("wag the dog") dirty tricks.

Now shift your thinking to unrestrained capitalism.  We have seen since  Reagan's 
underhanded dealings in Iran prior to the 1980 election what unrestrained 
i.e. lawless capitalists are intent on doing.  The Rule of Law which largely prohibited 
the actions which have damaged our nation has been swept under the rug by those intent, 
as was the "Sofitel maid," on getting rich quick and "doing what we damned-well please."

This line has led to the "we'll KILL whomever we damned-well please" and a violence 
against the Arab Nation that punctuates every day of the week the underlying criminality 
of unrestrained capitalism.

So what?  well, DSK is hard pressed to repair the damage done to his career and his reputation 
and the USA is hard pressed to regain our Bill of Rights, our world view, and our virtue.  
Having relinquished the moral high ground we are ON the slippery slope that lands us 
in an economic disaster.

Solution -- the so-called "Sofitel maid" and ALL illegal aliens must be deported -- sooner
rather than later -- and the unrestrained capitalists banished from our midst.  
Anyone can see that people like Warren Buffet, George Soros (aka George Swartz) and 
Bill Gates have more money than they know what to do with -- 
the old "more money than brains" dilemma.

We, the 99%, must take action to force legislation that confiscates the wealth of the 1%.  
No one should be allowed to retain more than $10M (an arbitrary but logical) amount of wealth.  
This will force prices down -- from mansions to meals -- and will provide not only a payoff 
of the national debt but a means for securing our public interest in people, public domain, and the plebiscite.

Jean M. Temple, MBA (Ms.)
for the Pan Arab Union for Peace