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The Crime That Was Committed at the Ohio State Univerity
Ohio State, OSU, the big "O" -- criminal? Not so, you say. Heartland, breadbasket, the praying MidWest or as Bostonians might say -- "out there, somewhere." Born and raised Ohioan. Small town. Small time. Small "potatoes." Not so, I say. Graduate school. "Public good." "Greatest good for the greatest number." Social democracy. Not so, they said. Affirmative Action. Quotas. "No women allowed." Mary Marvel -- first woman PhD through the P.A. program, she said. There'll never be another, they said. Zap her before she gets started. Go home before your appointment with her. We'll teach her a lesson, that castrating bitch, they said. Where is the Dean? Check his calendar. What do you mean, "he's gone home?" "Well her appointment IS on his calendar but he's gone," she said. You can't let them do that, my friend said. So I continued. Confusion "Hot and cold" advisor. Airhead professor with two PhD's in English [what does English have to do with public administration, rhetorically speaking] "Mean streak." "Well, Jean you were so glib," the advisor said. "But you told Ralph not to take that seminar," I said. We'll do the humane thing. Put you out of your misery. Purge your file. But you will never get a degree from the Ohio State University, he said. Hate to throw you to the wolves like that, the Graduate Director said. Seems to me the wolves were in the program, my friend said. OSU, 1979 Jean M. Temple, MBA NYC, March 9, 2008