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January 13, 2005

NYC Bar Association
Departmental Disciplinary Committee
61 Broadway, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10006
(212) 401-0800, fax: (212) 401-0810 

re: Raoul Felder, Esq. of The Felders, Esq.
    and the Estate of Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy

Departmental Disciplinary Committee:

On or about February 7, 1995, action was taken to bring
to the attention of the Felders, Esq. (Mr.&Mrs. Raoul Felder)
my draft of a claim against the estate of Rose Fitzgerald
Kennedy (then recently deceased 1/22/95).

The action was to be entitled "Patrimony" and was a 
demand for $12M and title to the house in Hyannisport, MA.
This action resulted from, at that time, a 12-year involvement
with Senator Edward M. Kennedy [D-MA] and was subsequent
to my efforts to convince him to run for President of the USA
both in 1984 and in 1992.

I am currently seeking to litigate against Edward M. Kennedy
for defamation of character and invasion of privacy and was
told by one potential witness:
    I don't know why you didn't sue him
    a long time ago.
My reply:
    I did.  But Raoul Felder screwed up.

My complaint is that Raoul Felder took the case to Edward M.
Kennedy and proceeded to mollify him including, I believe,
taking payment from the aforesaid Senator to vacate his
representation of me.

Felder's comment to me:
     No wonder the boy is crazy -- Saddam Hussein?!
     [referring to my involvement with the President
      of Iraq which was by then 4 years of personal
      contact with Saddam]

If Felder's rejection of my claim was motivated by the
Arab/Jew confrontation inherent in the situation he never
indicated this.  Such a claim would be more understandable
than the money-motivated political position re: Kennedy.

Please regard this as a Misrepresentation/Conflict of Interest
complaint against the Felders, Esq.

Jean M. Temple, MBA

Complaints About Professional Misconduct
 Occasionally, however, the lawyer’s actions
 or misconduct may be so serious as to be
 in violation of the Code of Professional Responsibility,
 which is a code of ethics governing the professional
 activities of lawyers in New York State.
 In that case, the lawyer may be subject to discipline
 by a government agency which is an arm of the state courts. 

 Sometimes lawyers will misrepresent to clients
 whether or not they have taken certain actions.
 For example, you might discover that your lawyer
 has told you that he or she has begun a lawsuit
 or taken other actions, when in fact no action
 has been taken. In other words, the misrepresentation
 may be a cover-up for neglect.

Conflict of Interest
 Your lawyer is supposed to be on your side,
 and only on your side.
 That means he or she should not be representing
 someone who is against you in the legal matter,
 unless both you and the person on the other side
 have agreed to it.


Rose Kennedy 
Birth:   Jul. 22, 1890 
Death:   Jan. 22, 1995 
Wife of Joseph Kennedy.

Holyhood Cemetery 
Norfolk County
Massachusetts, USA