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Jennifer's Testimonial
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Marvelous Mom

Enjoying ADVANCE
To the Editor:
I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed [Matthew T. Patton’s] editorial, “Without Inspiration, It’s a Lonely and Bleak Landscape” (June 5, p. 4). I must confess I have never read that section before, but it was wonderfully written and the subject was awesome. Many of the reasons we started Health Force were encapsulated in your story.

To be able to come to work and love where you are and who you work with, and what you do is a true blessing. I love my job and sometimes forget the old days when I worked at places where I was less than thrilled. Thank you for a nice reminder of how lucky I am.

—Jennifer Chudnoff,
Health Force, Cincinnati

ADVANCE for Medical Laboratory Professionals is the only newsmagazine in the field to link laboratory professionals in all the disciplines encompassing the industry through our coverage of professional organization events and other newsworthy updates affecting the field.