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. . . and all they can say is "it was a Sea Knight not a Chinook."

The Internet posting says that

"the defense air brigade of the Islamic state of Iraq"

shot down a Chinook helicopter

in the Karma region of Anbar province, near Falluja.

The U.S. military has said the chopper was

 a CH-46 Sea Knight, not a Chinook.


Saddam amid the criminal assault on IRAQ Apr9,03
President and Prime Minister -- IRAQ

Sixteen U.S. troops died in the three military chopper crashes,
and five employees of the
Blackwater private security company were killed
 when their helicopter came under heavy fire
 January 23 in eastern Baghdad.
Seven people were killed Wednesday
when a Marine CH-46 Sea Knight helicopter
went down outside Baghdad during
"routine operations," the U.S. military said.
It was the fifth U.S. helicopter to go down
in Iraq in almost three weeks.
Also Wednesday, three children were killed
and 12 civilians were wounded when insurgents
fired three mortar rounds in Mzerat,
a village north of Baghdad, the U.S. military said.