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ARC 2005
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Q U A S A R   V


Quasar V of Lleyn
From: Quasar
Date: 78 Quasar Log Thursday 8th December 
Position: Rodney Bay Marina
We’re Rockin!!!!

Even with a well reefed main and a dodgy half mast reefed Yankee we have maintained 8 knots over the ground and into the bargain surfed at a record 15.1 and saw a maximum gust of 43 knots!!!

At 9.30 local time we see land for the first time. There is a big swell and we are definitely Rockin and Rollin!

Sub-editors note: Approaching the finishing line attracted amusing discussions between the 3 skippers and crew, which in large part was an attempt at establishing where indeed the finishing line was!!! Added to that was the fact that we looked pretty shambolic with the dodgy unreefable Yankee looking sorry for itself and a tiny main (furled a little prematurely). After crossing the finishing line, singing “American Pie” at the tops of our voices, we attended to the unfurling and then dropping of the pitiful Yankee onto the deck. This was a tricky manoeuvre given that the halyard had been cut by John moments earlier when he had been hoisted up the mast. The descent of the Yankee was speedy to say the least and us gorillas on the foredeck (Lindsey, Christine, Mandy and I) got smothered by the descending sail full of wind dropping onto us, but we soon recovered and tied up the offending sail.

After pumping up the fenders we eventually dock in Rodney Bay, not exactly a massive cock-up, but not the best mooring alongside ever!

Part of the welcome pack was a bottle of rum, which with the aid of Christine’s fruit punch disappeared very quickly! We took a water taxi to the Chart House Restaurant and had a decent meal and later had a drink at Scuttlebucks, where I met Robin who we chartered ‘Degree of Latitude’ from last year for Cork Week.


We crossed the line 40th out of 234 and 4th in class and most importantly we arrived safely!

A fantastic trip, which apart from the broken gear and the wind in the wrong direction couldn’t have gone better. The entertainments committee (Malcolm & JB) did a massive job and every day we had so much fun! We had a great, hard working crew, all with different skills and we couldn’t imagine that any other crew laughed so much, ate so well and had such an amazing time and in between all the fun we sailed the best part of 3,000 miles! Definitely a trip of a lifetime!

P.S. Kate is tamed….

Well, almost tamed…..

Well, work in progress!

P.P.S. We have set up a stall to sell the remaining 2,400 oranges!

P.P.P.S On arrival and after reading our logs about all the partying, Perseverance wondered what drugs we were on for this trip. Malcolm quipped - only Viagra!