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Date:  Tuesday,November 22, 2005

To:    Brooklyn Heights Public Library

From:  Jean M. Temple, MBA (Ms.)

Subject:  Complaint


Yesterday (Monday, 11/21/05) while using the Internet
I had occasion to witness an incident involving one of the
"regulars" in the Internet room (older male, blond, glasses, and
always wearing a visor).

He was seated between me (on his right) and another
woman on his left.  I had just gotten seated when I
heard unmistakably "farts" (two) coming from him.  The
other woman immediately addressed him with words to the
effect that he should know better and that there is a
men's room on the hallway (which of course he knows also).

She chided him to excuse himself and he turned to her
and holding his finger to his mouth proceeded to shush
her.  I spoke across him to her and said "I heard too."

After he had left the area, she and I were still on the
Internet and she approached me and said he does that all
the time.  I said, "Well, now you have a witness."

Please take steps to cause the male individual to write
a letter of apology and advise him that any further incidents
will result in his Internet privileges being permanently