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NEWSLETTER World Peace Issue May 18, 1999 -------------------------------------------------------------------- Dedicated to Stopping the Insanity of bozo -------------------------------------------------------------------- Psychotherapy as Foreign Policy Psychotherapy as Domestic Agenda -------------------------------- "Drop that TAR BABY" "NOW" Last newsletter the word anathema [def.: hated, loathed, cursed] was tantamount to condemnation of the bombing of Yugoslavia and indeed of all the bombing the USA has engaged in in the past six years. The words from a Christian hymn -- Hark! the Herald Angels Sing -- were quoted: Joyful all ye nations rise; Join the triumph of the skies. . . Given the context, no one in their right mind could possibly mis- interpret the meaning being conveyed: With angelic hosts proclaim Christ is born in Bethlehem. But bozo, in his twisted twitish way, decided that the "triumph of the skies" referred to HIS BOMBING MISSION!!! [I kid you not.] So off he went -- BOMBING AND BOMBING AND "BOMBING" -- dropping missiles and missing targets and ... [need I spell out for you the third reference -- we used to immediately clap our hand over our heads and holler "SAFETY"!!] "God is not mocked" -- the missions have killed and killed -- many innocents. What we are witnessing is the insistence of bozo and Munich-Mad Madeline [hereinafter referred to as m..m..m..] on holding the world hostage to their own psychotherapy needs. She, madeline to the rescue; and he, seeking mother love and needing to overcome his own helplessness as a battered child. Hence all the pictures of "ethnic" Albanian children rescued by m..m..m.. where she can see her own face as a child and finally negate the "real world" of her childhood; and the quote by the wife of Milosevic to the effect that the bombing was similar to a 40-year-old man beating up on a 10-year-old child -- bozo having taken on the "batterer" role and intent on "killing himself" to end his childhood terrors. These two are sick -- they need psychotherapy yes; but not on the world stage. And not at the expense of the people whose lives are being shattered or ended. "Never have so many paid so much for so little." Insane Asylum to the Universe ------------------------------ Peace Requires Rationality My college roommate, who was contemplating joining a religious order though she never did, used to engage me in discussions of a philosophical nature and, after many hours of such delving into the mysteries of Life, concluded that the most evidence could be found for the proposition that the earth serves as the insane asylum to the rest of the universe. With m..m..m.. and bozo going around bombing the world because THEY had unhappy childhoods, the evidence mounts. They view Slobodan Milosevic through prisms of their own past; bozo through the prism of an abusive step-father; m..m..m.. thru the prism of nazis and Hitler. If one were to view him more appropriately and more rationally, through the prism of Josep Broz Tito*see quote as Postscript to this newsletter, he does not look all that bad. Tito held Yugoslovia together through force of personality backed up by force; no small feat. And Milosevic has tried to do likewise. When one sees the civil turmoil that resulted from Tito's death and subsequent political upheaval, Bosnia etc., Tito's greatness stands as a monument to valor like no other. THE PEACE TEAM ---------------- "a Sacred Trust" KUDOS to Jesse!!! who took up the mantel of the Peace Team and pursued Peace with Milosovic thereby freeing 3 Americans and 2 Serbs. "We've got a TEAM and we're going to SHOUT IT!!!" THE BOMBING IS CURSED! allahu akbar hallelujah Jean M. Temple,MBA (Ms.) JMT/"MARVELOUS MOM"/(codename:GraceUnlimited) POSTSCRIPT: 'The great leader and world statesman who has led the Yugoslav peoples out of the ruins of the war, to stability at home, to respect and prestige in the world.' Alexander Haig, US Secretary of State, in the visitor's book at Tito's tomb, as quoted in Politika, 4 May 1982.

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