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NEWSLETTER IMPEACHMENT/USFLAG Issue February 22, 1999 -------------------------------------------------------------------- DEDICATED TO JUSTICE FOR ALL including the clintons -------------------------------------------------------------------- George Washington's Birthday "I cannot tell a lie. . ." ---------------------------- IMPEACHMENT ROUND TWO clinton "I cannot tell the truth. . ." Today, February 22, 1999, is the birthday of the "Father" of the United States of America, George Washington (born 2/22/1732). As history would have it, George cut down a cherry tree as a child and when confronted with his guilt commented to HIS father "I cannot tell a lie -- I cut down the cherry tree with my little ax." [or words to that effect] Current history has brought us to the "brink" of something that might be called "the higher up the cherry tree the sweeter grow the cherries." ROUND TWO of impeachment proceedings. Round one ended in a draw -- with impeachment by the House of Representa- tives a glowing victory and acquittal by a "leadership-challenged" Senate -- no one wanted to be the first to vote for truth, integrity, and justice for all -- a revealing defeat [rather like looking at the remains of a horrible auto accident]. "We are not a country that jails our President," he said. ---------------------------------------------------------------- "What a stupid thing to say in the current circumstance," say I. Where did the notion that we cannot jail the current occupant of the Oval Office originate? And what legitimacy does impeachment have if there is the prevalent thought that because he has com- mandeered the Oval Office he is thereby protected by his crime? Bombing and bombing and bombing ------------------------------- Banning the US Flag As a US citizen with the idealistic mindset that says we ought to be "good citizens" of our own country first and then "good citizens" of the world, I have begun a newletter domestically which I am calling Society for the Preservation of the Flag. The idea for such a Society has been long dormant in my mind but was brought to the fore by two events: the bombing of Baghdad on the eve of the impeachment vote in the House of Representatives domestically, and the banning of the US flag from Iraq by Saddam Hussein and the RCC. To say that banning the US flag is entirely warranted and a symbolic act to protest the abuse of Iraq by the United States of America is, to those of us who do indeed cherish the US flag, an act of mutual respect for what the flag SHOULD represent. For this reason, I applaud the Iraqis; and for this reason I am grateful for their courageous stand against the abusiveness of the current regime in Washington. Hence I am copying my domestic newsletter as an addendum hereto. Best regards to the Arab world. Signed, Sealed and Delivered, Jean M. Temple, MBA ---------------------------------------------------------------------- R I G H T C A N A N D W I L L T R I U M P H O V E R M I G H T ALLAHU AKBAR -- HALLELUJAH Jean M. Temple,MBA (Ms.) JMT/"MARVELOUS MOM"/(codename:GraceUnlimited) WEBSITES NASSER HOMEPAGE PAN ARAB UNION FOR PEACE HOMEPAGE UNITED NATIONS HOMEPAGE SOCIETY FOR THE PRESERVATION OF THE FLAG HOMEPAGE ADDENDUM: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- SOCIETY FOR THE PRESERVATION OF THE FLAG and other cherished ideals ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Issue #1 Dedicated to E Q U A L J U S T I C E February 1999 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- JUSTICE FOR ALL including the clintons REMOVAL FROM OFFICE -- INDICTMENT AND JAIL* Never have so many paid so much for so little. Liberalism forced to defend lewdness. "No longer shall the lewd person be called liberal." THREE SPECIOUS ARGUMENTS OF THE LEWD LEFT ---------------------------------------------------------------------- SPECIOUS -def 1: apparently good or right though lacking real merit; superficially pleasing but deceptive -def 2: false; misleading; purposely devoid of truth; meant to cloud the issue or to OBFUSCATE ---------------------------------------------------------------------- SPECIOUS ARGUMENT #1 ------------------------ The IMPEACHMENT of william jefferson blythe AKA clinton a) is about sex; b) is about an(or many) extramarital affair(s); c) is a private matter and does not undermine the government of the United States of America. R E B U T T A L ------------------------- The IMPEACHMENT of william jefferson blythe AKA clinton a) is about ABUSE; b) is about sexual harassment, sexual abuse, to the point of criminal assault; is about abuse of power, lying, falsifying affidavits, falsifying testimony; is about maligning others, maliciously attacking others, destroying others' reputations and lives; is about lying, cheating, and stealing; is about godlessness/wantonness in the Oval Office; c) is about putting the United States of America "at risk"-- World Trade Center bombing, PanAm crash, TWA flight 800, Nairobi and Tanzania embassy bombings; is about abuse of other countries and peoples. ABUSE OF POWER BEGETS "terrorism" SPECIOUS ARGUMENT #2 ------------------------ The IMPEACHMENT of william jefferson blythe AKA clinton a) is an attempt to unseat a duly-elected official of the United States government; b) is contrary to "the will of the people." R E B U T T A L ------------------------- This argument is especially odious -- 67% of the Senate is required to vote this person out of office but only 24% of the electorate voted him into office. PARADOX. The Founding Fathers could not have foreseen the time when 58% of the electorate would stay away from the polls. 58% of the people did not want this man in office badly enough to VOTE! Absent a quorum at the polls, there is, in effect, no "duly-elected" President at this time but rather a "current regime" -- hence all their talk about a "coup" -- there has already been one; which is another reason he will not resign -- why resign when he entered the office surreptitiously anyway? To say that the majority of people, as determined by polls, want to keep this regime in office is a further degradation of our democracy, which even John Kenneth Galbraith, in his recent tome THE GOOD SOCIETY, is wont to call an "imperfect democracy" rather than saying outright, as a Wall Street attorney does, "the first Republic is over." SPECIOUS ARGUMENT #3 ------------------------- The IMPEACHMENT of william jefferson blythe AKA clinton a) is without merit; b) is opposed by most Americans. R E B U T T A L ------------------------- The IMPEACHMENT of william jefferson blythe AKA clinton is a necessary and fully warranted measure that has been a long time coming -- if the nation had listened more closely to Jerry Brown in the 1992 election campaign and had taken proper note of the Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan case in which the clintons were listed as criminal co-conspira- tors we would have averted six years of extreme trauma which must be ended and the damage done to our government repaired. The American people do not "speak" through opinion polls; nor should they be "led" by them. When questioned as to why Reagan was so popular and Jimmy Carter was not, Rosalyn Carter replied: It is easy to lead the people where they want to go. It is more difficult to lead the people where they OUGHT to go. Selah. The House managers have provided leadership; the Senate appears to be "leadership-challenged." That appearance must be negated by a vote to remove the imposter from office; and someone (who?) should be considering how to control a person who will not hesitate to refuse to leave office even when convicted by the Senate -- "the last SDS barricade" ('60's people will understand this; all others will have to look it up!). And PLEASE make sure that the nuclear strike "buttons" are beyond the reach of william jefferson blythe AKA clinton. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- *JAIL -- Jail terms for william jefferson blythe AKA clinton and hillary rodham AKA ms. clinton ought to be comparable to the jail terms of Susan McDougal and Web Hubbell respectively who provided "cover" for the criminal co-conspirators re: Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan. Ever ask yourself "who benefitted most from the draining of Madison?"? The taxpayers covered $65 million dollars which had been fraudulently spent BY WHOM? and FOR WHAT? Access to the Whitehouse -- the way to finance a bloodless coup -- ROB A BANK.

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