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NEWSLETTER ISSUE #7 AUGUST 7, 1997 "LIFT UP THY VOICE LIKE A TRUMPET AND SHOW MY PEOPLE THEIR TRANSGRESSIONS" THE JEWS HAVE HAD THEIR REVENGE "I WILL NOT LEAVE THE POOR DEFENSELESS, " HE REPLIED. There is no news in the fact that suicide bombings are an act of war and that the Palestinians are well-served by such acts. There is news in the statements of Netanyahu that he will exact revenge for the latest bombing and that "Arafat must . . . 180 degrees." (psychological projection) It is Netanyahu and the Zionists who must make a 180 degree adjustment in their behavior -- from violent aggression to peaceful concession. Zionism is NOT "of God" ----------------------- There is no news in the fact that the Jewish world is well aware and has been internally divided as to the legitimacy of Zionism. The Torah proclaims as much saying that the Jewish people will not HAVE a homeland until the coming of "Yahuda." There is no news in this; and yet it seems that some will not hear and acknowledge this. God is able "to raise up a dark angel" -------------------------------------- If you take that which is your neighbors' and refuse to make amends and restitution, you ought not to think that God will abandon them to YOUR EVIL devices. There is no way that the Jewish people can live with the abomination they have brought upon the ARAB people and the Palestinians in particular. God has and WILL "RAISE UP A DARK ANGEL." There is a sense of justice and justification, a sense of honor and honesty, in the sacrifice made by the suicide bombers who are willing to give their own lives in defense of their people and their country. PALESTINE ALWAYS AND FOREVER JMT/"MARVELOUS MOM"/Codename:GraceUnlimited Jean M. Temple, MBA

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