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NEWSLETTER Issue #21 April 19, 1998 -------------------------------------------------------------------- DEDICATED TO THE LIGHT OF TRUTH -------------------------------------------------------------------- "I light the candle of Scholarship for scholarship should be the B E A C O N L I G H T of Truth" National Honor Society ceremony, 1963 -------------------------------------------------------------------- True experience ------------------------------ Spotlight: "sexual harassment" In 1979, I was living in an upper middle class neighborhood of private homes in Columbus, Ohio. One spring day, I was sitting at the dining room table facing the front door which had a screen door in place and was approximately 50 feet from the city street curb. Suddenly I looked up from my paperwork and my eyes focused outside to a teen- age black boy on a bicycle stationary at the curb, leaning back on the seat of the bicycle to exhibit his enormous "schwantz" which was totally upright (so to speak) [no mysterious bend at least]. Reaction: fear, disgust, rape-thoughts; ---------------------------- call the Police S H O C K I picked up the phone to call the police and the exhibitionist fled. Nevertheless, I called: #1) the police had other such calls about the same individual #2) I accepted attention, compassion, and sharing thereby protecting my psyche A) Was the incident sexual in nature -- absolutely. B) Was the exhibitionist lewd -- absolutely. C) Was there any intimidation involved -- absolutely. Was this an act of sexual harassment -- yes; the matter may be best described as "gaining access by offense" -- the more shocking the offense, the deeper the psychic penetration. In a physical rape, the "key" question "was there penetration?"; in a psychic rape, the same question. Equally important, though never asked, "what is the level of susceptibility or degree of fragility of the psyche of the victim?". APRIL FOOLS' turnaround ------------------------ Sexual Harassment Appeal The fact that such matters are the thoughts on the minds of all the world says something about the state of affairs [pardon the pun] which the human society is being forced to delineate. The Bible says, very apropo to our present dilemma, "No longer shall the lewd person be called liberal." In the political world in the USA, the "L-word" has become political shorthand for liberal and has been used to denigrate ALL liberals and ALL liberal thought, projects, programs, and funding. There is no effort taken to differentiate liberal from lewd. Hence the lack of differentiation becomes a shield -- liberalism forced to defend lewdness. [Enough said.] R I G H T C A N A N D W I L L T R I U M P H O V E R M I G H T ALLAHU AKBAR -- HALLELUJAH JMT/"MARVELOUS MOM"/(codename: GraceUnlimited)

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