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NEWSLETTER Issue #19 April 1, 1998 ------------------------------------------------------------------ DEDICATED TO "Laugh and the World laughs with you" ------------------------------------------------------------------ N E W S F L A S H This just in -- "BOZO stampeded by herd of female elephants" Billy (as in Hil) Graham was quite right when he defended william jefferson blythe AKA clinton AKA bozo from criticism, regarding his abusive ways around women, by saying females go wild for him. A herd of wild female elephants stampeded the grounds where Bill & Hil are "safariing" and the news report heard round the world was of a matron elephant braying as she delivered a death-blow to the pelvic area of the President of the United States with her trunk. [It was not a pretty sight* folks.] NOT = APRIL FOOLS'!! *[It was mistakenly reported that the elephant had been branded with the name "Monica" by conservationists some time ago. The word was actually "Moniker" which was the codename of the conservation project.] Remember folks, you heard it here first. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- DEDICATED TO P A L E S T I N E ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Seriously, The foreign ministers of Egypt, Syria, and Saudi Arabia are said to be putting their heads together, even as I write, to formulate an approach to the stalled peace talks re: Palestine. "The Torah Truth (Special issue of this Newsletter, 3/1/98)" should be the guiding light to the resolution of the "Palestine question." Zionism is heresy; Zionism is racism; Zionism is divisive in both the Jewish world and the Arab world; Zionism is an attempt to "play God" = an attempt to force God's hand = an attempt to finagle the Jewish religion to the covetous desires of the Zionists. Palestine Always & Forever -------------------------- Mandatory Palestine A united Arab nation, consisting of 23 separate Arab nation-states, should insist that the Zionist philosophy be denounced by the jewish overlords; that the Knesset be voluntarily dissolved; and that a new government be formed which recognizes the rights of all citizens equally, including the foremost right of the Palestinian Arabs to be repatriated. PALESTINE IS A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY; "israel" IS AN UGLY STATE-OF-MIND R I G H T C A N A N D W I L L T R I U M P H O V E R M I G H T JMT/"MARVELOUS MOM"/(codename: GRACE UNLIMITED)

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