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N e w s l e t t e r ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Issue #17 DEDICATED TO DIPLOMACY February 21, 1998 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- DIPLOMATIC THEY ARE NOT ----------------------- "Nonsense Part I - Albright as Secretary of State" "Whatever havoc she wreaks on the world we are all forewarned and forearmed" [prior newsletter] There is nothing diplomatic in such phrases as: "the clock is ticking" "the string is running out" "Saddam must cavein" "Saddam must BACKOFF" "Saddam must be given no wiggle room" and to reinforce such non-diplomacy as this with the massive build-up of military might in the Gulf and surround the Arab world with "weapons of mass destruction" is another attempt to bully, bribe, brow-beat, and [threaten] bombing which are the "staple fare" of the meager "diplomacy" of the U.S./U.K. war-mongering "coalition." Diplomacy involves delicate language and give and take in a real sense that the current regime in Washington with their "bomb 'em back to the Stone Age" mentality is apparently not capable of performing. [Issue 16 of this Newsletter posed the question "What could be more nonsensical than to have this X-rated soap opera playing itself out on the world stage? ANSWER: Madeline Albright running around the world stage beating her WAR drum! She should consider full Indian headdress instead of that man's hat she is fond of doffing for she is truly the Last of the Mohicans. Pocahontas she's NOT.] 1-2-3-4 WE DON'T WANT YOUR RACIST WAR ------------------------------------- F R E E P A L E S T I N E If the U.S./U.K. WAR MONGERING continues, the REAL WAR will be over Palestine for the rest of the world will join together to free occupied-Palestine from the oppressive conditions forced upon the Arab world for the past 50 years. "If the U.S. and U.K. resist peace, the body politic must expel them." [prior newsletter] ---------------------------------------------------------------------- If U.S. bombs are dropped on Iraq, within two minutes, bombs will be dropped on Tel Aviv and the WAR for Palestine will be fought by the Russian Federation, France, China, and the UNITED PEACE FORCE to return Palestine to its rightful owners. "The occupation government is inappropriate and should be voluntarily dissolved." [ARAB LEAGUE PROCLAMATION FOR PEACE] R I G H T C A N A N D W I L L T R I U M P H O V E R M I G H T JMT/"Marvelous Mom"/(Codename: GraceUnlimited)

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