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NEWSLETTER Issue #16 January 28, 1998 ------------------------------------------------------------------ Dedicated to the old adage THE TRUTH WILL OUT ----------------------------------------------------------------- BOZO 's BACK ---------------------- "We are left to wonder how long he can avoid all the various scandals he has created." (prior newsletter) No need to say the avoidance has played out -- hence scandal BIG TIME. The penultimate reason for this scandal lies in the Middle East peace talks -- all that talk about ceding the West Bank "distracted" William Jefferson Blythe AKA Clinton from his duties and he ceded the West Wing of the White House to a 21-yr old female intern. A new type of casualty from the tension that such conflicts generate. [She came and went as she pleased, they say.] "Right-wing CONSPIRACY" ------------------------------ LADY MACBETH (WITH THE BLOOD OF VINCENT FOSTER AND 2M IRAQI CHILDREN ON HER HANDS) Conspiracy theorists are everywhere these days and the chief conspiracist AKA congenital liar Hilary Rodham Clinton has developed the "Right-wing CONSPIRACY" theory that all points to a plot "against [her] HUSBAND" (emphasis her own -- not the author's). [Apparently the "right-wing" of her BRAIN is missing.] Hil would have us believe: 1) that when BOZO dropped his drawers to Paula Jones the right-wing was responsible; 2) that when BOZO lied about an affair with Genifer Flowers the right-wing was culpable; 3) that when BOZO fondled Kathleen Willey the right-wing was plotting his downfall; 4) that when BOZO used a 21-yr old female [were there also males] intern to "relieve" his tensions the right-wing wind was blowing him off-course; 5) that when BOZO got his "member" caught in the press mill the right-wing cut him off. As you can see, all evidence is in support of the theory of LADY MACBETH. So BOZO has ceded the West Wing and Hil has exhibited a total VOID in the "right-wing" which presents a very telling picture of what the American nation, and indeed the world, is up against: two twits who are totally complementary [the soap opera is complimentary] and they are absolutely correct in presenting themselves as "2for1" -- if separated they are each 1/2. NONSENSE PART . . . ------------------------------ "Four more years of nonsense" What could be more nonsensical than to have this X-rated soap opera playing itself out on the world stage? David Brinkly could not have anticipated how MUCH nonsense we would have to endure -- or can we now say, for how long. In this regard, a pool is hereby proposed: A) From January 20th, 1998 to January 20th, 2001 is 365 days X 3 = 1095 days which represents the maximum number of days we will have to endure THIS BOZO NONSENSE; B) Pick your "Number Of Days To Departure" (NODToDeath) [or is that knawed to death] and put your money on it -- one bet per #. C) Winner take all. [Gore takes the White House.] More to follow when the RIGHT "wing" prevails. R I G H T C A N A N D W I L L T R I U M P H O V E R M I G H T Addendum to Newsletter Poem from 1993 [MOM's OWN] ---------------------------------- PULMONARY AND PENILE PREVARICATING With marijuna he never inhaled With Paula Jones he never "exhaled" With Genifer Flowers he never impaled Now he and Hilary are going to jail -- WHITEWATER. David Letterman quote: "Slap a suit on 'em and send 'em back to Arkansas. JMT/"MARVELOUS MOM"/(codename: GRACE UNLIMITED)

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