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NEWSLETTER Issue 12 November 21, 1997 _____________________________________________________ DEDICATED TO PAN ARABISM _____________________________________________________ Divide and Conquer Politics Collective Strength --------------------------- Why, do you suppose, does the Security Council of the U.N. and more specifically the "BIG FIVE (i.e. US,UK,CHINA,RUSSIA,FRANCE)" struggle to present a united front whenever possible and to minimize their differences to the public? Because there is great protection and strength in UNITY. And conversely, it is in the interest of their strength to keep the rest of the world divided, and, therefore, weak. PAN ARABISM presents a nation of Arab interests to the world that provides both protection and strength to ALL Arab nation-states. To isolate, first Palestine, which the U.S. and U.K. cannabilized and condemned, and then IRAQ [and further afield Iran] where the torture of starvation has droned on for seven years is to weaken the Arab nation to the point of total collapse. Using the leverage that they have in some Arab nation-states to afflict other Arabs is just the kind of politics the American Satan does best -- "pit IRAQ and Iran against each other" then arm the Iranians secretly (and criminally) so they can kill each other off. This has been written up frequently -- my wording is a mild version of what the B_______ have verbalized in Washington. [george bush called his own grandchildren "the little brown ones" and not affectionately either.] Iran may be outside the realm of PAN ARABISM by culture but is more "Arab" than Western and may be thought of as being in the Islamic/Arab tradition. Certainly one of the goals of the regime in Washinton is to minimize and weaken ALL Islamic nations. CURRENT IRAQI CRISIS DEATHS BY STARVATION --------------------------- There is no way that Iraq can possibly satisfy the U.N. inspection "teams" or the Security Council itself nor does it appear likely that the U.S. will ever allow sanctions to be lifted while Saddam Hussein remains the President of Iraq -- from this standpoint, the U.S. continues to show itself a "poor loser"; Saddam has shown himself to be approved "of God" and has steered a course that ought to have gotten Iraq free of the shoals; but the Americans are sick, talking constantly of assassination, and sore losers, massing military response equipment in the Gulf to hang onto their "power" madness. When it comes time to account for the dead in IRAQ, the U.S. is unprepared to accept the truth -- that sanctions have killed somewhere close to 2M Iraqi's most of them children under the age of six. Am I the only one who finds it much more than ironic that the current regime in Washington has, while pedalling a book entitled "It Takes A Village," presided over a deadly foreign policy that has starved to death 5000 IRAQI children PER MONTH EVERY MONTH of their administration??? Perhaps, as in Waco, other people's children mean less to them than the children of the "hierarchy." [A college professor of mine was fond of saying "Lord, save me from the do-gooders." BOZO is fond of saying "I feel your pain." Well, apparently Bill & Hill's "putting people first" depends on which people.] It takes one loving parent and the Grace of God Almighty Allah to raise a child providing that God keeps the child from the devastation of do-gooders like Bill & Hill. Harkening back to the Johnson administration in the U.S., I say to the current regime in Washington: HO HO HEY HEY HOW MANY IRAQI BABIES DID YOU STARVE TODAY??!! A JUST PEACE -------------------- "IRAQ SHALL BE FREE. . . IRAQ shall be immediately free to conduct its business, including the management and sale of oil in the world marketplace." "IRAQ SHALL NOT BE BOUND. . . IRAQ shall not be bound, any further than has already taken place, by any prior U.N. Resolution(s). "IRAQ SHALL BE COMPENSATED. . . For every man, woman, and child whose death was attributable to economic sanctions IRAQ shall receive $50,0000(US$); For every documented attempt on the life of Saddam Hussein, IRAQ shall receive $1M(US$); For every business transaction lost as a result of sanctions, IRAQ shall receive a [$.01/$1.00] token payment [to be computed]. SLOTH, STEALING AND STUBBORN DEATH-DEALING PROJECT "HAIBA" ------------------------------------------ The fact that in seven years, the U.N. team has found only "more to find" speaks to the sloth, self-interest, and stealing that reeks from the entire economic sanctions scenario. U.N. Resolution 986 is a license to steal and the fact that the world community would profess to "humanitarian" motives in allowing IRAQ to sell $2B in oil belies the fact that one third to one half of the money goes right back to the U.N. and their agenda. IRAQI's starve literally while the world lines their pockets with stolen oil money. No one tells this aspect of the "oil-for-food" scandal anymore [where IS ALZAMORA these days -- lounging in the TROPICS?] ALLAHU AKBAR HALLELUJIA ---------------------------- Anything short of dropping the sanctions, stopping the death-dealing, and stopping the stealing of Iraqi dignity and wealth is to fall short of civil behavior. The U.N. is not to be trusted if they cannot avert war in IRAQ while establishing A JUST PEACE. [And now the U.S. declares, recent NYT editorial, that they have no legal obligation to pay past U.N. dues. THROW THE BUMS OUT.] R I G H T C A N A N D W I L L T R I U M P H O V E R M I G H T JMT/"MARVELOUS MOM"/(codename: GRACE UNLIMITED)

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