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NEWSLETTER Issue 11 November 17, 1997 _____________________________________________________ DEDICATED TO "the PEACE that passeth understanding" _____________________________________________________ The Congressional Medal of Honor Everyday Heroes of IRAQ -------------------------------- The news that IRAQIS have flocked to the "Palace" of Saddam Hussein has been labeled in the press and U.S. propaganda machine as "human shields for a bully." If the U.S.A. were threatened as IRAQ is threatened with an evil force that would take extreme perverse pleasure, as Koki Roberts (U.S. journalist) once said, in ". . .bombing them [Iraq] back to the Stone Age," and if Americans "flocked to the palace i.e. the White House," they would be cheered as everyday heroes and awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for service to their country. Integrity in Journalism Criminal Foreign Policy ----------------------------- For the NY Post to print total garbage like Ray Kerrison's column (11/16/97, p.28), in which he expounds at great length on the warmongering of the radical Right and the military-industrial mindset, is not unusual--after all in this age of tabloid journalism, the standard for integrity is quite low; but for the NY Times to print such trash ["All the news that's fit to print" has reached an all-time low ebb] is something else altogether. There is, as of 1976, a Presidential Order of then-President Gerald Ford that makes assasination politics illegal and the criminal act that it truly is. That notwithstanding, the U.S. has continued to openly and blatantly advocate such criminality and the Times has repeatedly printed the official attempts by the C.I.A. to "off" Saddam Hussein. Assassination of foreign leaders can only be regarded as a sickness of the U.S.A. and Israel and this criminal mindset was in evidence when George Bush pushed "the envelope" in 1990-91 and the entire world was forced or coerced into a criminal assault on a small country that could not possibly defend themselves. Congenital Liar(s) and Sore Losers The Current Regime in Washington ----------------------------------- One of the favorite ploys of the current regime in Washington is what is known in NYC as "the old streetwise turnaround." So the attempt on the part of Munich-Mad Madeline to malign Saddam by calling him a congenital liar is not surprising. For those who do not have access to U.S. internal politics that phrase was a very proper analysis of the character of one Hilary Rodham Clinton [who even has a "tall tale" about why she was named Hilary]. To "slime away" from the truth by projecting onto another target is to turnaround the truth of the matter. And when Tariq Aziz attempts to diplomatically handle the "mud" by saying: "Those who call others liars are liars themselves" -- his diplomacy is perversely reported in the NY Times headlines to the effect: Aziz calls Albright a Liar This my friends is perverse. From the NY Post not surprising; from the NY Times an intolerable degradation of journalistic integrity. "Make Peace with Saddam and that's an order" the Word of the Lord ---------------------------- Making peace is the order of the day and the business of the U.N. Iraq has suffered extreme hardship since the U.S. foreign policy of "pitting Iraq and Iran against each other" was first put into play -- we have Ronald Reagan to thank for that -- and it pre-dated the Gulf War by at least 8 years. IRAQ IS NOT THE ENEMY OF THE UNITED STATES AND NEITHER IS SADDAM HUSSEIN. The real enemy of us all is the perverse way in which the press, the propaganda people, and the military-industrial complex view the world. R I G H T C A N A N D W I L L T R I U M P H O V E R M I G H T JMT/"MARVELOUS MOM"/(codename: GRACE UNLIMITED)

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