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NEWSLETTER Issue 10 November 9, 1997 _____________________________________________________ DEDICATED TO "Saint Saddam -- The One Who Confronts" _____________________________________________________ DEAF EARS ------------------------------- "Make peace with Saddam and that's an order" the WORD of the LORD, 1/3/96 ------------------------------- William Jefferson Blythe AKA Clinton [AKA BOZO] was in the news recently as having to have "earphones" implanted in his ears. [Would that that would have enabled him to "HEAR"!!!} How many deaths have occurred since 1/3/96 that are directly attributable to his deafness with regard to IRAQ? [MS. Clinton is said to have intervened to make a baby food shipment happen that otherwise would not have been sent to IRAQ -- perhaps an inkling of "HEARING"???] And now he has the audacity to proclaim that if Saddam moves to strike down the plague that the West has brought upon IRAQ, ". . .he is making a mistake." I DON'T THINK SO. SELF DEFENSE ------------------------------------- And the War of Aggression By the West "If the US and the UK resist peace, the body politic MUST EXPEL them." ------------------------------------- Every culture recognizes the right of self-defense and when confronted by an aggressor, life-and-death advances may be defended against with the utmost force -- hence Saddam has no choice but to shoot down the U-2 SPY planes and, in fact, has shown restraint and courage by refusing to be drawn in by the attacks of the West for quite some time now. IRAQIS have been dying by the score at the hands of the "weapon of mass destruction" the West is unrelentingly inflicting on the Arab people. [I would have ripped the surveillance cameras out with my bare hands, if possible. "IRAQ shall be free. . . IRAQ shall not be bound. . . IRAQ shall be compensated. . ."] AND WHO IS BARBARA CROSSETTE? AND WHEN WILL THE ABUSE OF POWER END? -------------------------------------- Crossette (NYT, 11/7/97, p.A3) quotes another person regarding Boutros Boutros-Ghali, ". . .when [he] left [the UN]. . . it was like a great thorn being taken out of the body" which shows you, IN AN INSTANT, the disdain which the West flaunts in their interaction with the Arab world in the Middle East. SHOOT DOWN THE U-2 SPY PLANE??? now and always. M A K E P E A C E W I T H S A D D A M A N D T H A T ' S A N O R D E R THE WORD OF THE LORD "And if the Resolution [986] is not summarily tabled, As God is my witness, the world will feel. . . The WRATH of the FATHER, who once was persuaded To ransom the world from the Evil One HIS patience and LOVE are not to be thwarted Whatsoever ye do to the Little Ones. It is better for you, as CHRIST has reported, If a millstone be tied round your neck, He once said And you be thrown in the ocean your fate unavoided Iraqi crude will not save you, your soul will be DEAD." JMT/"MARVELOUS MOM"/(codename: GRACE UNLIMITED)

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