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May 13, 2002
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What part of NO don't you understand? ===================================== MY experience with this phrase is that it was part of the feminist "remarks" vocabulary for dealing with overly-aggressive males who cannot keep their hands off females. Please note: Reacting to the Arafat interview, Israeli Consul General Alon Pinkas said, "What is it about a Jewish state that he doesn't understand? What is it about recognizing Israel as a Jewish state that he finds so difficult to acknowledge?" "What I heard was someone who doesn't know anything, hasn't heard anything, hasn't seen anything, doesn't know who's responsible for terrorism," Pinkas said. "So forgive me for being somewhat dismissive of his seriousness." Well, no, Mr. Alon Pinkas, we cannot "forgive /you/ for being somewhat dismissive of /Chairman Arafat's/ seriousness." In fact, your dismissiveness is an epidemic in the Western world and is properly termed "arrogance". What it is about a "Jewish state" that can never be understood is: a) why, in the name of God, would you try to form such a thing? "Jews are forbidden by the Torah, explicitly by the Talmud, to proclaim or maintain any type of sovereignty prior to the eternal redemption." "Having violated this principal by the declaration of independence 50 years ago, [t]he Zionist entity compounded this violation of Torah and Halacha by capturing additional territories and turning the [M]iddle [E]ast into a powder keg -- increasingly dangerous to its very own people." T H E T O R A H T R U T H Issued By: THE CENTRAL RABBINICAL CONGRESS OF THE U.S.A. & CANADA NYT,3/1/98,p.16 b) why, in the name of God, would you defame those who are giving their lives for their people, i.e. Palestinian Martyrs, and thereby bring eternal damnation on you and your cohorts? c) why, in the name of God, would you support a "butcher" like Ariel Sharon and continue to aggravate God Almighty with your aggression against the Palestinians who have the foremost right of return/repatriation. As to what Chairman Arafat knows, has heard, has seen, and is responsible for, let me inform you: a) Chairman Arafat knows that his people are fighting for their country. b) Chairman Arafat has heard that his people are being massacred. c) Chairman Arafat has seen the unrelenting aggression of the zionist fiasco. d) Chairman Arafat is responsible for getting his people home. INTIFADA AND JIHAD HALLELUJAH RIGHT CAN AND WILL TRIUMPH OVER MIGHT Jean M. Temple, MBA "MarvelousMom" (codename:GraceUnlimited)

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