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NEWSLETTER Economics Issue July 7, 1999 -------------------------------------------------------------------- Dedicated to the proposition that "GOOD cannot be done by evil means" -------------------------------------------------------------------- "The ends do not justify the means" --------------------------------------- Bombing them back to the Stone Age. . ." madeline albright [aka m..m..m..] is reported to have said that the "ethnic Albanians" will be "home" "for Thanksgiving"!! It may come as a shock to her that other countries do not celebrate Thanksgiving. [As Saddam Hussein once said to me, "No, pet, we did not cheat the Indians."] Perhaps it was not only geography that stumped her as a girl! Steve Dunleavy, editorial writer, New York Post, recently challenged my own assessment of m..m..m..'s eyesight ["If politics and diplomacy were measured on the same scale as eyesight, we'd have to declared madeline albright legally blind." prior newsletter] saying: "she has the eyesight that seeing eye dogs are bred for." Which raises the question "What has madeline been "bred" for?" [When she was "running around the world stage beating her war drum" there was a distant echo that said "beating her diaphram" which supposedly keeps one from becoming pregnant] albright appears to have been empregnated by death and she "delivered" all over Yugoslavia. As one Russian diplomat put it -- "you cannot kill in the name of human rights" -- GOOD cannot be done by evil means! Militant Capitalism ---------------------------------- Economics of Death and Destruction The military/industrial complex has been replaced by what we have witnessed -- crimes against humanity including the unnecessary bombing of countries and peoples -- for the "best interest" of the United States and Britain, i.e. imperialistic capitalism. So the military now serves not the state or even industry but the economic system referred to as "unrestrained capitalism." Economic sanctions, long decried by many as crimes against humanity and the means by which the USA/UK have inflicted a genocide that will not stop on the Iraqi people, are the "cold war" of the militant capitalists. To be followed up with bombing on any pretext or contrived "justification" whatsoever. Ronald Reagan was once broadcast when he thought the mike was off saying "The bombing begins in five minutes." This attitude is what "sets off" the military these days and has been used in all the bombing. Helen Keller [bless her soul] in her book THE STORY OF MY LIFE, 1903, is quoted: Militarism . . . is one of the chief bulwarks of capitalism, and the day that militarism is undermined, capitalism will fail. [Hopefully, soon.] While Norman Cousins, PATHOLOGY OF POWER, 1987, prefers this: Ultimately, the danger is not that military spending no longer is the adjunct of foreign policy but that foreign policy becomes the adjunct of military spending. [for this has already happened and does it not undermine the legitimacy of the military?] The demise of a great nation ------------------------------------ "If the US and UK resist peace. . ." We assert that no nation can long endure half republic and half empire; and we warn the American people that imperialism abroad will lead quickly and inevitably to despotism at home. Democratic Party platform plank, 1900. This warning in 1900 may be said to have served the United States [and the world] well for some 90 years but the 1990 "empire of bush- thatcher" led, as was forewarned, very quickly to despotism in the United States of America. The "current regime in Washington" rules by tyranny [and polls]; hence the bombing of Iraq, the Sudan, and Afghanistan with no pretext or concurrence whatsoever; and the bombing of Yugoslavia on the flimsy pretext of "an expanded NATO." Militant capitalism claiming to do GOOD by evil means. No one has exemplified a legitimate military in recent years more than Dwight D. Eisenhower ["I like Ike.:)] and so his evaluation seems most pertinent to our current quagmire: If the United Nations once admits that international disputes can be settled by using force, then we will have destroyed the foundations of the organization. . . on Israel's invasion of Egypt* February 20, 1957 *Eisenhower immediately took steps to thwart this evil action and delivered Egypt from the tyranny of the imperialists. Make no mistake the bush-thatcher empirialism has done much harm/ evil, and the bozo regime has added insult to injury: Those who corrupt the public mind are just as evil as those who steal from the public purse. Adlai Stevenson 9/12/1952 [New meaning for the "2-for-1" rhetoric!] QUESTION: Can Annan,et al. [the Peace Team], in the spirit of Eisenhower, thwart the evil that has been done both to the United Nations and to the countries bombed and end the tyranny of the imperialists -- the United States/United Kingdom and their cronies? "If the US and UK resist peace, the body politic must expel them." -- prior newsletter "I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me." R I G H T C A N A N D W I L L T R I U M P H O V E R M I G H T Allahu Akbar Hallelujah! JMT/"Marvelous Mom"/Codename:GraceUnlimited POSTSCRIPT: Can any good be done AFTER evil means have been deployed? It may comfort the rest of the world and inspire confidence in the leadership of the "only super power in the world" to know: "Following a nuclear attack in the United States the U.S. Postal Service plans to distribute Emergency Change of Address cards." Federal Emergency Management Agency, Executive Order #11490, 1969 Perhaps this can be converted for use in Kosovo! Signed, Sealed and Delivered, Jean M. Temple, MBA

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