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NEWSLETTER EXTRA Issue June 7, 1999 -------------------------------------------------------------------- EXTRA EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT IT!! --------------------------------------------------------------------

03:57 PM ET 06/05/99

"On Wednesday, U.N. chief inspector Richard Butler asked the Security Council to send experts to Iraq to destroy or remove chemical and biological samples left behind when inspectors pulled out of Baghdad in December. Small quantities of chemical warfare agents used to calibrate testing equipment, less than 2 pounds of Iraqi mustard gas, and some biological samples were stored safely in laboratory freezers and posed no threat or hazard to the Iraqi population, Butler said. He said he had recommended to Secretary-General Kofi Annan's office that the chemical laboratory and biological storage room in Baghdad be shut down because inspectors have been gone for longer than expected and summer weather could lead to fluctuations in the electricity supply."
June 7, 1999
My dear Friend: I thought the "maddog Butler" problem was over -- but no, that dog rears his ugly head again! My advice to you:
Pack up that man's "trash" on an old plane you don't need, fly the thing to New York City and leave it on the runway at JFK. New York is just the place for "trash" and the Great American Satan should cleanup after their own "dog(s)".
Much love, Jean Signed, Sealed and Delivered, Jean M. Temple, MBA

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