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International Criminal Court
The People of the USA v Criminal Co-conspirators as named herein
Criminal Co-Conspirators George W. Bush Anthony Charles Lynton "Tony" Blair Jose Maria Aznar Lopez Amended to include: Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin Amended to include: John David Ashcroft Alberto R. Gonzalez Rt Hon Lord Goldsmith Richard B. Cheney Donald Rumsfeld Colin Powell Condaleeza Rice guilty as charged Richard Myers Andrew H. Card, Jr. Amended to include: John Dimitri Negroponte Lewis Paul Bremer III Paul Dundes Wolfowitz Morton L. Abramowitz Madeleine Korbel Albright Amended to include: Richard Armitage Richard Norman Perle William Jefferson Blythe IV George Herbert Walker Bush Amended to include: Iraqi criminal co-conspirators Ahmed Chalabi (dissident Shia expatriate) Salem Chalabi (dissident attorney/expatriate) Iyad Alawi (dissident Shia exile/expatriate) Ibrahim al-Jaafari (dissident Shia exile/expatriate) Jalal Talabani (dissident Kurd) Raid Juhi al-Saadi (Fisk/Chalabi plant in tribunal) Amended to include: zionist criminal co-conspirators Ariel Sharon Ehud Barak Benjamin Netanyahu
Charges/Causes of Action
george herbert walker bush et al. did, from 1991 through 2003, conspire to deprive the Iraqi people of their livelihood by economic sanctions so stringent that many Iraqis, most of them children under the age of five, starved to death; william jefferson blythe iv et al. did knowingly continue to starve to death the babies of Iraq without regard for the human rights of the Iraqi people; george w. bush et al. did, on or about, 3/20/03 commit an act of aggression, a prima facie war crime, against Iraq and contrary to United Nations dictates; george w. bush, et al. have conspired to usurp the power of the legitimate government of Iraq; have detained, incommunicado, the legitimate government of Iraq, i.e. Saddam Hussein and his government; have conspired to defraud the Iraqi people of their God-given resources and wealth, i.e. the oil reserves of Iraq; have conspired to defraud the Iraqi people of their right to life, killing over 100,000 Iraqi civilians; have conspired to defraud the United Nations of its authority to require adherence to the United Nations Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by: 1) attacking Iraq; 2) maintaining concentration camps at Quantanamo and elsewhere. Respectfully submitted, Jean M. Temple, MBA (Ms.) Representative of the People of the USA